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1.0 Web Design using CMS or HTML: Which Is Best?

HTML is a coding language used for most web sites.
CMS (Content Management System) is a software platform to manage digital content.

However, deciding which approach (HTML or CMS) is not a simple decision and it will influence your business performance.

1.1 HTML

HTML is a very powerful coding language but to create and maintain a professional websites will require the services of an experienced web developer.

1.2 CMS

With CMS, professional websites can be created without coding experience, allowing you to create, design, and update the website avoiding the cost and availability of an experienced web developer. A CMS will still use HTML code but the code will be created/updated graphically making it much quicker and easier to get up and running.

1.3 Discussion Points

  • 1. Thousands of different CMS design themes out there.
  • 2. Can customize a theme with just a few clicks.
  • 3. CMS themes cannot compete with the HTML versatility.
  • 4. Experienced HTML web developer will code exactly to the user’s specifications.
  • 5. HTML code will be lean (minimizing code bloating) and efficient.
  • 6. HTML code is portable and accessible should you wish to e.g. host on a different server to improve performance.
  • 7. HTML coding takes significantly longer but those with very specific design requirements may find this a better choice overall.
  • 8. Users will quickly find CMS is much easier to create and publish new content than coding in HTML.
  • 9. Those who regularly update content, CMS may appear to be a better choice but will it do well in search engine rankings (SEO)?
  • 10. Ranking well in search engines is a crucial factor.
  • 11. A CMS installation is capable of creating a new website which has been properly formatted and structured for SEO.
  • 12. An experienced HTML web developer can completely code a website using all optimization methods possible.
  • 13. HTML code may be time-consuming, but it may provide much better SEO.

1.4 Conclusion

We advise all clients to talk to us to find the "best" solution in the light of a business plan. Otherwise you may find yourself with only short term benefits at the expense of the longer term future.

2.0 eCommerce

Every online business has different needs, so one solution is unlikely to fit all ...

  • 1. Do you have a business plan?
  • 2. What are you sales targets?
  • 3. What are your lead generation targets?
  • 4. What CRM & pipeline loading processes do you need?
  • 5. What are you selling?
  • 6. What shopping functionality should you offer?
  • 7. How will you take payment?
  • 8. How will items be delivered?
  • 9. What reporting and other functionalities are required?

Ideally issues like this will be detailed in your business plan ... our free "Are You Investment Ready?" analysis (see footer section below) will help us establish what is outstanding and how we can help.

3.0 Lead Generation (filling the pipeline)