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Business API


All organisations, especially SME's, should automate as much as possible. That includes integrating apps that duplicate tasks, saving time and improving productivity in addition to identifying & removing unnecessary subscription fees.  


Automating tasks, large or small, desktop or mobile, can achieve substantial savings in areas such as ...

  • job costing & estimating.

  • sales order processing.

  • the list is endless, achievable and cost effective thanks to QuickBooks API and  many others ...

WHAT'S AN API? (Application Program Interface)

Additional software that allows you to easily integrate with and extend/customize existing software (this mean customizing software to your specific needs without enormous development costs)



These are mostly REST API's (Representational State Transfer) and they work similar to a web site ... they make a call from a client to a server and they get data back over the HTTP protocol.

However, we frequently need to instrument and modify the behaviour and flow of API calls using various techniques that are beyond the scope of this topic.

Check out our software repository

Our software repository ("repo" for short), is a storage location from which similar/useful projects or code can be retrieved to minimise effort. Why not contact us to discuss.