tickMatrix was formed in 2014 by Paul Williams BSc(Hons), CEng ... ex-IBM, software entrepreneur and founder of several successful companies "I've had the privilege of gaining a great deal of experience across an interesting range of market sectors".


Paul has strong software development skills combined with 25+ years of business experience also providing consultancy services to global blue chip companies (connect via linkedin) . In brief ...


  • initially focusing on industrial math optimization,  logistics simulation.

  • Author of SimulationExpert.

  • Complex AI decision support.

  • moving into full stack Web, eCommerce, Cloud.

  • recently Distributed Ledger Technology (part of the tickMatrix DLT funded research programme initiated 2015) and business APPS.

Distributed Ledger Technology

"This whole thing was brought about and pioneered by Bitcoin marking.

the convergence of a host of technologies, including timestamping of transactions, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, cryptography, and shared computational power, along with a new consensus algorithm.

But in the same way as the first ever aeroplane could never be used as a main stream commercial jet, neither can Bitcoin be used as a main stream currency (albeit a critical conceptual breakthrough!)". 


My main focus is currently Hyperledger Fabric ... collaborating with IBM, HyperLedger is a multi-project open source collaborative effort hosted by The Linux Foundation. I also belong to the Healthcare & Supply Chain special interest groups.


"Distributed Ledger Technology will literally change the way we think about how our world works ... it will drastically change our financial & industrial  systems and add new improved structure to the internet".


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